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11 August

Marathon Training Week 3

Another HOT and HUMID week of training done!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 10 minute warm-up, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 (200m recovery interval), 10 minute cool-down. I hit close to my pace on each interval except the 600 (split 8). I was pretty tired by then and so ready to be done. I actually wanted to stop after the 3rd lap but pushed through! Total of 4.95 miles on the track.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 8.13.51 AM

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles tempo, 1 mile cool-down. So ridiculously humid, I was able to get 3 miles tempo with a total of 6.5 miles.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10 miles (Again very humid! We were completely soaked in sweat before we were at mile 5. That first mile was getting caught in between different paced groups leaving a few seconds ahead of each other. My long run pace was supposed to be 9:52. It was very difficult to stay at that, even in the humidity.)

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 7.59.53 AMSunday: Rest

This past week I also did a full body workout with a kettle bell on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m feeling good with the extra rest days but I really want to add yoga on one of those days. This next week I know I will get yoga in because it’s on our schedule while at #birdcamp. :)

I am not upset at all that my interval workout and tempo workout have been tough because of the HOT Florida weather. I’m putting in all my effort and I know that it will pay off in the end. Have you ever had to cut your workout short because of unbearable weather conditions? Do you have trouble maintaining slower paces on long runs?

05 August

Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2 of marathon training is done.

Monday: Strength Training

Tuesday: 4×800 (I didn’t hit my intended pace but very happy with my effort)

Wednesday: 5 mile tempo

Thursday: Strength Training

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9 miles (split into 3 runs)

Sunday: Rest

3 runs

Saturday I was pacing one of my clients I coach in a 5k so I had to break up my 9 miles into 3 different runs. I think it worked out pretty good :)

Have you ever had to split up runs in order to get your long run mileage done?


27 July

Catching up…

Ok…’s been 2 months since I’ve thought about writing a post. Honestly, life has been crazy busy!

My boys were here for summer visitation. This is the longest they’ve stayed, 6 weeks. It was so great! We drove them to Ocala a week ago today. Nathan jumped in the car with Tanner and they continued the rest of the trip to Tampa. My heart still hurts from missing them. Out of everything I’ve done in my life, being a long distance mom is the hardest.

the boys

The day we picked them up and drove from Tampa to Pensacola

The end of June I finished up with another 5k training program, Firecracker 5k was their goal race. This year it was crazy hot! Everyone did a great job! Tanner and Nathan ran again this year, which was fun!

5k training group

I celebrated 4 years of sobriety on July 5th. Wow, what an incredible feeling and what a miracle! I work very hard every day and feel so blessed and grateful to continue this journey.

I have exciting news. I now work at the local YMCA as a personal trainer and was given the opportunity to teach a kettle bell class. It’s been so much fun! I also have a group of 3 ladies to work with for a Body Challenge that is 16 weeks long. It feels so good to help others reach their goals!

This month started marathon training. I will be running the Pensacola Marathon again. If you remember last year, I trained and ran with a torn meniscus. My goal was 4 hours and ended up with 4:16. I do believe that I could have hit that 4 hours if not have been for knee pain. I have since had it repaired and ready to train again and hit the 4 hours. The training I started out with last year had me running 5 days a week. After I started having a lot of knee pain I cut back to around 3 days a week. Again I ran the marathon and was feeling great until the knee started aching. I feel I can accomplish my goal with running 3 days a week and cross training at least 2 days a week. I’ve been consistently cross training for months so it will not be a problem to continue. I did absolutely no cross training last year. My runs will consist of a speed workout, a tempo run and a long run. This is designed to improve your endurance, lactate-threshold running pace and leg speed. This is called the FIRST (The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training) Training Plan. Runner’s World did a piece on it and it sounded pretty interesting to me. You can get the book, Run Less, Run Faster and/or the app for your phone. Right now I have the app but plan to get the book too. I can’t wait to keep you updated with my training. :)

Not sure if everyone knows but I am a sales rep for Oiselle. I absolutely love everything about Oiselle, so it makes it very easy to share that love with stores in FL, AL, MS and LA. I just wrapped up another sales season and 4 days of traveling. It was both fun and tiring at the same time!

sales trip

Top Left: Snack size bags of fruit and veggies that I packed into a cooler. Brilliant idea! Bottom Left: When you aren’t comfortable with the area you gotta run the treadmill, UGH! Top Center: While in Monroe, LA stopped by to see my buddies the Robertsons :) Bottom Center: Dreaded visit to Walmart Top Right: Had a GREAT run in Baton Rouge! Bottom Right: Final Day I was in Mandeville before crossing the water to NOLA.

I feel extremely lucky to have been offered a place on the Oiselle Volée Team for another year. There were some changes made this year that have been pretty exciting. Because it can be difficult to manage more than 250 members the team is capped and The Oiselle Flock was created. I think it’s a great opportunity for those that love Oiselle and want to be part of this amazing family!

Oiselle Team Badge

Super super excited about another upcoming trip. I am leaving August 13th headed to Central Oregon for possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a running camp with my Oiselle teammates!! #BirdCamp We will be staying at the Seventh Mountain Resort. If you have not heard of this place, please click the link to check it out. It looks and sounds amazing!

Seventh Mt ResortSeventh Mt Resort2

So many exciting things happening! I’m sorry for the hiatus, but hoping to get back into the swing of posting and sharing. Thanks to those that do read and comment!

Are you training for a fall marathon? Have you ever attended a running camp or something similar?

04 May

Fiesta 10k Recap

As you all know, I had knee surgery 8 weeks ago to repair a torn medial meniscus in my right knee. I had the surgery done on a Thursday, I was riding my beach cruiser with my 5k training group the following Monday and ran the Bayou Hills 5k with the group that Saturday. The next few weeks I was running 4-5 miles, even a 6 miler on a Saturday. My knee felt better but still a little achy at times. Along with doing the exercises recommended for recovery after surgery I was also doing Trigger Point. This week, Tuesday, I went for a run and had some pain like I had before I had the surgery. I got a little worried. My first thought was to call my doctor, then I decided to get a little more aggressive with the recovery exercises and the Trigger Point Quad Roller.

This thing made me cry!

This thing made me cry!

I rolled out one last time before heading to my first post surgery race, the Fiesta 10k.


My first goal was to just finish without any pain. I was running with my #solesister, Katie. It’s so great to have someone by your side :) Once I got to the start line, I decided we should try to keep a consistent pace, around 9ish. Weather was hot, not like last year, so we knew it was going to be a little tough. I think we did a pretty good job!

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 7.29.16 AM


Fiesta 10k 2014 results


Me and my #solesister, Katie

Me and my #solesister, Katie

I’m pretty happy with my results considering I had only been running 2-3 days a week and had only run 6 miles one time in the last 8 weeks. :) And great news, no knee pain throughout the entire race. After the race though my knee started to ache and my belly got upset. (My belly was not feeling good before the race started but I just couldn’t use the porta potty, yuck) I went straight home and put on my 110% Juggler Knickers for the compression and convenient ice packs.


I also wanted to share a couple of new things that I used this race and I really love. First thing is socks. I had been in dire need of new socks and decided I would go with toe socks. I ordered the Injinji Run Original Weight. I love them! So comfortable and no blisters!


The next thing is the Amphipod race belt. I really hate pinning my race bib to my singlet because I have snagged it several times :( I had seen these but wasn’t sure if it would bother me. I didn’t feel it at all!


Overall, it was a pretty good day back at the races. I’m very happy and now I’m ready to work on a few things and get some PR’s! :)

Oh, I can’t forget my favorite snack of all time and tasted oh so good when I got home…watermelon!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

03 April

I’m back…

Well it seems I’ve been on a little of a blogging hiatus. Since my last post in February, I’ve had my torn medial meniscus repaired. Going on 4 weeks recovery today.  I’ve been running a few times a week. Up to 4 miles and a tad under a 9 minute mile. I did run 6 “too hilly” miles last week Tuesday. That did not sit well for my knee pretty much the rest of the week, so I did not run again. I did my first track workout this week and felt awesome. I’ve also added back some bike trainer rides and strength training. I’m very excited with my progress but I’m still being cautious.


Me and my peeps (Tina, Katie and Marla) at Fiesta 10k last year.

Looks like my next race will be Fiesta 10k on May 3rd. That is exactly a month from today. I hope that’s plenty of time to work on my pace and beat my time from last year, 52:22. This is not a flat race, which makes it challenging and fun! I’ll give it my best try for my first race post surgery.


This weekend I will be volunteering at the Blackwater 10 mile Trail Run at Blackwater River State Forest, Florida’s largest State Forest. This is part of a series which includes this Saturday’s 10 miler, a half marathon in November and a 50k in February 2015. I took 2nd in AG when I ran the 10 mile in 2012. It was so much fun! I did a little trail running last year but none recently. It’s a great change of scene from road running. I need to get back out there but it’s starting to get hot, which means bugs and snakes, so I will probably wait until Fall. :)

I wanted to catch you up with a little bit of what’s been happening. There’s a lot more but I think I’ll spread it through more posts. :) I want to say thank you to those that follow my blog and actually read it. I look forward to sharing more.

Here’s a little #tbt. This is from the Blackwater 10 Mile Trail Run in 2012:


Thanks to my friend, Marla, for this pic!






21 February

#runDonna Virtual Half Marathon

Earlier this month I shared that because of family obligations I would not be traveling to Jacksonville this weekend for the #runDonna weekend events. I would instead be running the Virtual Half Marathon, which I could do anytime before March 2nd. I broke it down into 3 different runs and completed it today!


You may be asking why I broke it into 3 smaller runs. Something I have not shared is that my knee has been giving me problems again. To refresh your memory, I have a torn right medial meniscus. I was good up until I ran the Double Bridge Run 15k on February 1st. This course consisted of pounding on the concrete bridges and pushing up the crazy inclines on those bridges. I did shave 8 minutes off my last year’s time, so I stayed pretty steady. Knee was achey during the race and I really wanted to stop and I pushed on. Felt the same ache throughout the weekend. My next run was on the following Tuesday. Hardly a mile into the run, I had a very sharp pain in my knee that I had never had before. I could get 4 miles in and had stop. I knew it was time to see my ortho doc again. I saw him the next day and we decided it’s time for an arthroscopic medial meniscectomy.


As of right now, I have not scheduled it. I would like to wait until the 5k/10k Training Program I’m coaching ends with their race on March 15th. I meet them twice a week and have been riding my bike to keep off my knee. I’ve also noticed as long as I don’t push the pace and don’t go more than 6 miles I can tolerate my knee. So, that explains why I decided to split my virtual half marathon into 3 runs.

It’s a little scary knowing that I have to have this procedure. Even though I’ve been told I could be riding my bike within a few days and running within a week or so, I’m still nervous. I can’t put my all into training and racing until I get it done. My big goals for this year is a sub 25 5k and run another marathon. So I have no choice but to get it done sooner than later.

So you know the saying…when it rains, it pours…that’s kind of what my family and I have been going thru. I know that everything is going to be ok, but sometimes my patience has a hard time believing that. So I will continue to keep my head high and push forward, as I always try to do. Chatting with my friend today during our run, something that was said sticks with me…when one door closes another always opens.

05 February

DONNA Virtual

I have shared with you that I was honored by being selected as a #RunDONNA Ambassador for the 26.2 With Donna Finish Breast Cancer race weekend. I had planned to travel to Jacksonville and run the half marathon on February 23rd.

john lennon life happens

In the last few weeks, some family obligations have come up, that without a doubt, come first. With that said, sadly I will not be making the trip to Jacksonville. I will be running the DONNA Virtual 13.1 on February 22nd, here in Pensacola. If you can’t make the trip to Jacksonville either, join me and run virtual. The great thing about this option is that you have from the time you register to March 2nd to run 26.2 or 13.1 and still earn a beautiful finisher’s medal.

I am still raising funds to FINISH BREAST CANCER. I am $365 away from my $500 goal! Please help me! Any amount you can give will help tremendously!

23 January

#runDonna Ambassador 2014

In December I received an email saying that I had been chosen as a DONNA Ambassador. I’m very excited  that a month from today I get the opportunity to participate in the 26.2 With Donna, Finish Breast Cancer events on the weekend of February 22-23. I have many friends that have run the marathon and have told me it’s a great race with great crowd support. I have decided to run the half.

rundonna races

26.2 with DONNA: (as posted on website)

26.2 with DONNA is a private non-profit organization in Northeast Florida producing the only marathon in the U.S. dedicated solely to raising funds to end breast cancer. One hundred percent of raised funds and race proceeds for all 26.2 with DONNA events go to breast cancer research and care.

Since its inaugural year in 2008, 26.2 with DONNA has contributed $3.5 million to its beneficiaries. Seventy percent (70%) of proceeds go to the Mayo Clinic for bench top breast cancer research. Thirty percent (30%) of proceeds go to The Donna Foundation to help breast cancer patients with critical financial needs. 

The DONNA Foundation: (as posted on website)

Donna Deegan, three-time breast cancer survivor and founder of 26.2 with DONNA, also founded The Donna Foundation, a nonprofit organization formed to raise money exclusively for those on the First Coast living with breast cancer.

The Foundation provides temporary assistance for women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. In partnership with Catholic Charities, the largest social services organization in the area, recipients are screened to ensure proper stewardship of contributions. The ultimate goal of The Donna Foundation is to fund a program that focuses on early intervention, and provides regular screenings and diagnostics for women who could otherwise not afford such services.

Since its inception in June of 2003, The Donna Foundation has been successful in assisting over 7,000 local women and raising over $2 million. In addition, the Foundation has been successful in obtaining agreements with vendors to supply chemotherapy drugs, Lymphadema treatments and supplies, medical services, prescriptions, and even wigs at a discounted rate.

It’s 3 days of fun and racing that includes four different distances. The 5k & Family Run is Saturday, February 22nd at 8:00 a.m. Something pretty cool about this 5k…you get a medal when you cross the finish line along with an awesome tech shirt. I’m sad I will not be there for this race. :( I will be driving in later.


Also on Saturday is the 110 Ultra Marathon & Relay. (As posted on the website)

In 2012, five individuals and two relay teams inspired by the 110% Play Harder Challenge ran 110 miles and raised more than $115K. In 2014, the Challenge continues!  Individuals and relay teams will cover 110 miles to finish breast cancer and will raise an estimated $100,000 as a part of the challenge.  Participants will run through the night in Atlantic Beach from the 110 Base Camp located in Bull Memorial Park.  DONNA Curb Crews are invited all night to cheer these participants to the finish line!

The Marathon and Half Marathon will be held on Sunday, February 23rd.

rundonna medals

If for some reason you can’t make the race weekend and would like to run and raise money, there is a virtual race that you can enter now. Here is some info from the DONNA Virtual page:

Finish breast cancer with us, anywhere in the world and earn your very own DONNA Finisher’s Medal!  New this year we are offering a Virtual Marathon and Half Marathon.  Run 13.1 or 26.2 miles between January 1 and March 2, 2014 anywhere in the world, raise $150 for 26.2 with Donna, share your results and photos with us on Facebook or Twitter – and you’ll receive our famous Finisher’s Medal and certificate of completion right to your door. 

Along with training for the half, I am also fundraising to help raise monies for research and for those breast cancer patients that are in need of financial assistance. Please help me reach my goal of $500! Any amount will help! Just click on the image below to be directed to my fundraising page.


If you can donate and come race the half with me, that would be AWESOME! Thank you for any donation you can make and remember it’s all for a great cause!


13 January

PBR 10k Recap

I decided a few weeks ago to register for the Pensacola Beach Run 10k as my first race of 2014. My running buddy Katie also registered so we could push each other to under 52 minutes. Our awesome PHAT sister, Shannon, offered to pace us. We were excited because the weather had been cool and the course is flat. As runners do, we watched the weather from the beginning of the week that said rain and lots of it. We definitely do not run in lightning! Saturday morning we decided, we are just going to run and have a good time, no pressure. Prior to the start, the rain was pelting on us and the winds were around 20mph and at the beach, it feels even stronger.


Pre-race. Standing under the pavilion during the intermittent heavy showers and winds.

The half marathon peeps took off and we still had 30 minutes before the 5k/10k started. More rain and wind. Finally at our start, no rain but wind still kicking. We were off. I was feeling pretty good but shed the jacket in less than a mile.

Breakdown of my splits:

Mile 1 –  8:11

Mile 2 – 7:53

Mile 3 – 8:02

Mile 4 – 8:13

Mile 5 – 8:20

Mile 6 – 8:15

My watch said we went 6.29. As you can see the first 2 miles we had an awesome tailwind then at the turnaround the headwind hit!


Me and Shannon at the turnaround. I was feeling pretty good until that headwind started. Thank you Stephenie A. for this picture!

I kept a good breathing rhythm the entire time. Less than a half mile before the finish, the rain starting pelting again and the wind picked up so fast and so hard, it felt like I hit a brick wall! We pushed with all our might to keep running against that wind and to turn the corner to get out of it. That was definitely tough. Given the conditions, I am pretty dang happy with the results! Shannon said she was pretty sure I placed, so Katie and I decided to stay for awards and grab some food.


Me and Katie post-race. Can you see the water dripping off her cap? We were soaked!

Even though it seemed like it took forever for awards, I’m so happy we stayed! Katie, Shannon and I all placed 1st in our AG!


My travel coffee mug award!

Stats: 19th out of 195, 1st AG, 51:34

Great first race for 2014! This is year is going to be AWESOME!

Have you ever run a race in crazy conditions like we had? Maybe it was snow for my northern friends?

04 January

Recap of 2013

2013 was a GREAT year!


I  was chosen to be a 2013 110% Playmaker.



I ran the Double Bridge Run 15k, PR 1:29.


I ran the Azalea Trail Run 10k in Mobile, for the first time. I PR’d with 50:55, 8th out of 160 in AG. A few weeks after the race I received the medal below because they awarded the top 10 in each AG.


I was selected to be a Nuun Ambassador.

Nuun Ambassador Badge


I ran the Gulf Coast Half Marathon, PR 1:52:09.


My oldest son turned 16 and we gave him a car.

tanner and his new car

I attended a course in Mobile, AL and became a USATF Level 1 Coach.


I ran the Fiesta 10k, 52:22.


I celebrated 3 years of sobriety!

My boys ran their first 5k with me and it was so awesome!

2013-07-06 07.05.04


I was selected for my 2nd year as a member of the Oiselle Volée Team.

Oiselle Team Badge

I attended a course in New Orleans, LA and became a RRCA Certified Run Coach.


After studying for 6 months became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.


I ran the Bushwacker 5k, 26:17.


I started training for my first marathon, Pensacola Marathon, November 10th. At the end of the month I found out I have a medial meniscus tear in my right knee. I continued to train and even ran the marathon with this. My plans are to have it repaired before I run another marathon.


Ran my FIRST marathon! Pensacola Marathon, 4:16:13

2013-11-10 10.55.38-2


Sad news for the year was my mother in-law passed away after suffering from Alzhiemer’s. I turned 41. My husband ran his first 5k, with my coaching. We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and moved into a new house in Pensacola.

freds first 5k

I was selected to be a #RunDonna Ambassador. This race includes a 5k, half marathon and marathon in Jacksonville, FL. I will posting about this very soon!


December was an extremely busy month!  

2013 was a great year full of PR’s and new, exciting opportunities! I believe 2014 is going to be even more amazing!


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