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23 September

Knee Pain Diagnosis

I’ve been struggling with inner right knee pain since the end of July. At first, it hurt at the beginning of a run, then it would ease off. It hurt after sitting for long periods of time. I couldn’t cross my legs and sit indian style on the floor. My first thought and google search led me to believe it was runner’s knee. I knew that my increased running due to my marathon training, running with my 5k group twice a week and now running with a personal coaching athlete twice a week must be contributing. I backed off my personal training, still getting in the long runs and a few runs during the week. I┬ábegan doing strengthening exercises, more aggressive trigger point sessions, ice and even more rest days. I, like many runners often do, did everything possible to avoid going to a doctor. Days went on, it got worse. It now hurt when walking and just laying in bed. I begin to cry daily and started to think the worst. I love running! Running is my job! What am I going to do? I had no choice but to go see a doctor. Luckily, a good friend of my husband is an orthopedic surgeon and was an avid runner. Last week I went to him. He did an MRI arthrogram. This is where they shoot some dye in the knee, with a really long needle, and use the MRI machine to see any tears or injured areas within the knee. And there it was on the screen, a tear. A medial meniscus tear.

torn_meniscusThose words made me want to throw up. I immediately thought that my running was over. I wanted to cry, but held back the tears. The doctor knew I was upset and began to explain what we can do to take care of it right now. The first thing out of my mouth is, can I keep running? He said yes! Absolutely, I want you to keep running. He gave me a cortisone shot. Said to take an anti-inflammatory for the next week and alternate with ice and heat for 20 minutes after a run. I need to continue to watch it. It could heal on it’s own but if it doesn’t, arthroscopy is the next step. He said it’s a common injury with football players and some people live with tears like this all their life. When he said he knew how important running is to me and that he would do whatever he could to prevent me from having surgery and keep me running, I felt a little better.

It’s been almost a week and definitely not feeling the pain I was before. I ran 8 Thursday, 5 Friday and 5 Saturday and all felt pretty good. But now I’m kind of nervous each time I go for a run. I’m nervous when I think about my upcoming long runs, 17 this Saturday and 20 next week. My goal right now is to get through training and run my first marathon in November. Like everything else in my life, I’m going to take it one day at a time. That’s all I really can do. And BELIEVE that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Coincidentally, I received the Endorphin Warrior bracelet that I ordered this week. It seriously could not have come at a better time.

BELIEVE bracelet

I know many of my friends have dealt with injuries but has anyone had this specific one? If not, tell me about your injury and recovery.




10 Responses to “Knee Pain Diagnosis”

  1. MIZ says:

    Im no help but will share and see if any of my people are!!

  2. So sorry girl! But that’s awesome that you can keep running! I’m dealing with hip pain right now so I know how you feel. My husband always tells me…you are an athlete and injuries are just part of it unfortunately. I still hate it! Praying your knee heals quickly and on its own! Hugs!

    • Regina says:

      Thank you Mindy! Yes, injuries are part of running but it’s still hard to deal with when it happens. :( Hope your hip pain is nothing serious!

  3. My meniscus tore 2 summers ago. I was back in spin class within 10 days and running within 3 week. 6 months later, I trained for and ran my first marathon. You’ll be FINE!

  4. I hate to hear this but I’m so glad the prognosis is good! I’m sure you’ll be fine, but I understand the fear of not knowing what to expect on runs. I hate it when our body doesn’t want to cooperate with us!

  5. Alicia says:

    I don’t have a meniscus tear, but I feel the fear you have had about going to the doctor for a diagnosis. Mine this week was learning I have the start of a bunion in my right foot. I’m on the “do not run” list for the week, but hoping thats only temporary. I hope your knee continues to feel better and that you won’t have to have any invasive treatment!

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