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30 September

Marathon Training

As of today, I have 40 days left before running my first marathon. EEEEKKKK!!! Getting very excited, especially after my long run this past Saturday.

Tuesday – 8 miles. That was a little rough of a run. My knee did not hurt but was achey. My right calf and right hip however was hurting. I think it’s from overcompensating for my knee.

Thursday – 7 miles. Much better run. It was a tad bit cooler, no significant pain anywhere.

Saturday – 17 miles. I was a little nervous about this distance and my knee. It was wonderfully cool, my knee felt good and no pain in my calf or hip. Woohoo! I did have an amazing massage the day before..wonder if that helped? Also no stomach issues. I think the salted caramel GU gel and some gummy bears will be my race day nutrition.

If you noticed, I only trained 3 days last week. I backed off the 5 day training plan and have been trying to run at a good easy pace. I think this has been very good for my knee.

I also continue to use ice and heat on my knee after my runs. Thanks to 110% Playharder, this has become easier with the Blitz Knee Compression + Ice Sleeve. You can also heat the ice pack in the microwave, which is AWESOME! Heat, ice and compression all in one!


I also use the Clutch Tight for all over icing and compression. Since I discovered 110%, no more sitting in an ice bath! I love being able to move around while icing.

110 Clutch tights

I have a lot of friends training for marathons right now, New York, Chicago, Pensacola. Are you training for a marathon, if so, which one? If not a marathon, what is your big fall race? Do you take an ice bath after long runs?


16 Responses to “Marathon Training”

  1. The ice/knee sleeves and pants look awesome! I could have used those with marathon training in the spring. I lived in compression gear! Nice week of training!

  2. MIZ says:

    Ive never heard of that tight!

  3. misszippy says:

    Glad you were feeling well out there! A little step back can go a long way. I’m about 7 weeks out of the Richmond Marathon (number 13? for me!)

  4. Leah F. says:

    That’s so excited that your marathon is coming up so soon! I’m glad you had a good training week and that your long run went well! I would have never thought about eating gummy bears on my run! I will have to try that.

  5. For my first marathon, I also learned I had to back off to 3 days per week and it worked out well. You’re going to be so ready!

  6. Alicia says:

    So I’ve seen the ice compression sleeves for calves, but never for the whole leg! That’s amazing!!! I hate being cold, so ice baths are dreaded… but full body ice packs I think I could do ;)

    Great job on your training this week. I’m a 3 day/week runner too, and I do think it helps with injuries/pain. I haven’t noticed any negative changes in performance, either. In fact, I’m faster than I’ve ever been!

    • Regina says:

      110% Compression + Ice products are AWESOME!! I like hearing that being a 3 day a week runner has made you faster! :)

  7. That pants look awesome! Nope not training for a marathon this year. Maybe next year!!! It will be my first one !:) YAY!

  8. Hollie says:

    I’m really glad that your knee pain is going away. Those pants look awesome. Like I just said on twitter, I’m training for my first marathon November 3rd as well. Have a great 20 miler this weekend and hopefully not too much rain. :-)

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