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04 November

Marathon-I can do this!

At the beginning of this last week I was pretty darn nervous about this marathon thing I’ll be running in 5 days. Every time someone asked if I was ready, I would say…I’m ready to get it over with! Even though I ended up cutting back on my training days, it was very draining. I felt like all I was doing was running…and I pretty much was. Sunday I watched most of the ING NYC Marathon and oddly enough I felt different from when I watched the Chicago Marathon last month. Watching the finish line of the Chicago Marathon made me nauseas but watching the NYC Marathon yesterday, I did not get nauseas or anxious, I got somewhat excited. Excited to know that in a week I will be doing the same thing that these folks are doing…something that I said I would never do…I’m running a marathon…26.2 miles!  Then my hubby and I jumped in the car and drove into Pensacola to drive the marathon course. With turn by turn directions in my hands, I made notes of small inclines, hills and some checkpoint miles I need to remember.


After doing this I didn’t feel anxious but I felt more confident. I was confident because we ran most of the route during training. I know this route, I know the hills that are in this route. I got this!

I received a handout that was given to my marathon training group Saturday at the last meeting, which I could not attend because I was with my 5k training group as they ran and finished their first 5k. They all did fantastic!

pumpkin run 5k group2

Back to the handout…

The first thing written on it was The Marathon – A Mental Game! So immediately I decided if I didn’t start thinking that I can do this, I wouldn’t. Today when folks ask me if I’m ready for the marathon my answer will be ….YES! I’m ready and excited and I know it’s gonna be great! Seriously, as I write this, that is exactly how I feel. I am confident that when it gets tough, I will be ok. I’ve pushed through pain and feeling like I had to throw up during a run, I can do this! I’ve had 2 babies, one without pain medication, I can do this! I have family and friends that believe in me so I believe in me and I CAN DO THIS!

I think I’m going to get a massage on Wednesday. I feel my other leg muscles are pretty tight just from overcompensating for my knee. Those that have done a marathon, did you get a massage days before the race? Is it a good idea?


16 Responses to “Marathon-I can do this!”

  1. MIZ says:

    Im curious to hear what others say as Ive never thought about a PRERACE massage!!!

  2. Ummmm…I’m totally copying your route notes ;)

    Send some of your confidence my way! I can’t believe all the issues I’m facing last minute before the marathon now :/

    • Regina says:

      I will totally share with you! :) Start today Erica, telling yourself, even with all the issues you’ve had, you will push through and it get it done! Remember we’ve done the training, now it truly is a mind game!

  3. I got a massage before my Boston Qualifier! I just made sure not to get anything too deep, just a light relaxing one. You can do this!!! SO proud of you!!

  4. You SO can do this girl! I will be there…I’m hoping to run the half…but it all depends on my hip and knee. If my doctor doesn’t want me to run it I will be there spectating. I know you are going to ROCK this!!!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Yes! Get a massage!! Not a deep-tissue massag, but a tension-release massage. Get your mucles loose and ready. You got this Regina!!

    Will we be able to follow your progress from the website?

    • Regina says:

      Ok, I’m calling to confirm a massage on Wednesday! I’m not sure about athlete tracking. I need to check on that.

  6. I was getting really excited watching the NYCM yesterday too. YES, you can do this!!

  7. Leah F. says:

    Regina! You are the woman! I am so proud of you! You have worked so hard for this race! Praying it will be a great day for you filled with lots of sweet memories!

  8. Michelle says:

    I ran Pensacola last year. Wow, it is a TOUGH course. It is incredibly windy, and totally not nearly as flat as we figured a marathon on the water in Florida would be. IIRC, really, really tough overpass to climb around ile 17, and then a few more tough ups in the early 20s. It’s also incredibly boring and lonesome as you run back by the airport. If you aren’t running with someone, you might want to wear headphones. I don’t mean to be Debbie Downer here, but I sure as heck wished someone had told me all this before I got out there!

    • Regina says:

      It is a tough course Michelle! Luckily I trained with a group and we ran most of the course on our long runs. Most all of our races include the 12th Ave. hill, so it’s something I’ve run both in training and other races. I’m ready to kick this tough course in the butt! :)

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