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04 December

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

Since I started running roughly 3 years ago I didn’t know squat about shoes. I bought my first pair at a big box store (Sports Authority, Dick’s, Academy). I was not properly fitted, didn’t even know what that meant. Fast forward, I have since gone through being properly fitted and evaluated for what shoe works for me. I’ve been wearing Newtons for about a year and a half now. Sometimes it’s hard to make a change but I’m always open to try new things! My only experience with Mizuno was not enough to form an opinion. I won a pair of the Wave Rider 15′s about 2 years ago. After receiving them, went for run and ended up only going a few hundred yards when I realized they were too small. I immediately went home, took them off, put them in the closet and never touched them again. :( I’m not sure why I didn’t just contact Mizuno but I didn’t. I would love to send these to anyone who is a size 9. UPDATE: THE WAVERIDER 15′s FOUND A HOME!

waverider15When I was given the opportunity to try out the new Wave Rider 17 through a FitFluential campaign, I was pretty excited. With a few years of running experience under my belt, I knew I needed to size up this time.


I was even more excited to receive this color combination. I couldn’t wait to take them for a test run. I decided to go at least a mile in my neighborhood. When I first put them on, I immediately felt the nice cushion inside along with the arch support. I really liked the clean feel of no stitching on the top and sides of the shoe. And light, these shoes felt incredibly light. Out the door I went. Photo Credit goes to my 16 year old son who gave me funny looks when I asked to come take some pictures of me. :)


Thanks to my son’s picture taking skills, it also looks like I’m flying. Well I felt like I was flying. The Wave Rider 17 is so light and comfortable right out of the box. This made me anxious to take them on a longer run and see if they would still make me feel like I was flying.


Yesterday I took them for a 6 mile run. Guess what? They still felt great and I had no problems wearing them for two more runs that day. I definitely recommend these for the neutral runner looking for support and cushion. I plan to put them to the 5k race test this Saturday and then a longer distance test in a few weeks. If they pass, they may be my new shoe for 2014.

Some key features as listed on the Mizuno website are:

  • U4ic midsole delivers lightweight, resilient cushioning.
  • Dissolving upper fit with new DMF execution and soft, supple mesh materials.
  • Lateral Forefoot Sculpting for smooth touchdown and transition.
  • Blown rubber forefront with deep flex grooves for optimal flexibility and cushioning.

They may be available at your local running specialty stores now. They officially launch tomorrow, December 5th.

What shoe do you currently wear?



11 Responses to “Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Review”

  1. LOVE MY MIZUNOS!! Pretty much the best shoes around!

  2. Tina C. says:

    I have been wearing Brooks pure connect shoes. Its time to upgrade!

  3. Love both color combos!! How much larger do you have to size up?

  4. I think your son definitely has some skills! I love the shots with both feet off the ground.

    I’ve been running in Mizuno Wave Riders for over a year now and love them. I thought the 16s were amazing so it’s hard to imagine that Mizuno could make them even better.

  5. ANNA says:

    I’ll take the nines if you want to mail them to VA! I’ve never owned Mizunos but always debate on trying them.

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